2018 - Much experienced. Much done.

We would like to thank our clients, agency partners, supporters and friends!

Patient education staged in an easy and exciting way

Drug therapies and their development are accompanied by risks and benefits - to provide an explanation via Internet, Bayer assigned the agency to create a “one pager” microsite which informs about important aspects of this subject. Furthermore, the site shows checklists and links and is also adjusted to a responsive design for mobile devices. During the launch a teaser movie and web banners were placed on national and international corporate websites of the Bayer Group.
>> Have a look:

Bayer HealthCare Patientenseite

A new member in the agency pool of one of the largest companies in Berlin

The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) has selected RivaCommunications with its joint partner Tapas & Twain as preferred supplier. Over the coming years projects related to CD/CI as well as internal and external communications will be created by both agencies in Wielandstraße 17. First projects are already in the pipeline and will be introduced soon.

bpk Anzeige

Facelift for a logistics company

For Flötgen GmbH, a trader of forklifts and warehousing systems selling products of major manufacturers in the industry, it was time for a modernization of its corporate identity. In a first stage the company’s logo, business documents and forms were redesigned - based on a brand concept covering all communication channels.
Meanwhile, the website relaunch has been carried out including a content management system and a responsive design application.

Flötgen GmbH Internetseite

Riva Communications supports Charité fundraising

For the second year we have been a pro bono supporter of the ”Charity for Charité Gala” by designing communication measures alongside the event. Moderated by Thomas Gottschalk, this years event was again a great success and raised a six-figure donation to help the hospital initiatives for children with heavy rare disease and a baby support program for young families.
>> More information about the gala:

Charité 2015

60 years of expertise in marketing - Marketing Club Berlin

In Germany’s capital there is only one network focussing on marketing knowledge in its activities: the Marketing Club Berlin. On the occasion of its 60th club anniversary, Riva Communications created a brochure containing the club history, current topics and a portrait of the M-Award winner: the Berlinale and its Festival Director.

Marketing Club Berlin 60 Jahre Broschüre

Appealing approach for a series of seminars

VLectures and seminars are important services of our client Kock + Voeste, a management consultancy in the health sector. The event series will be accompanied by mailings and ads.

Kock+Voeste Anzeige

Impetus for a revised branding

The worldwide operating manufacturer Aderco develops and produces fuel additives for a more efficient and environmentally friendly use for large engines in various industries and fields of logistics. Our agency accompanied the repositioning of the brand with a logo revision, ad design and layout concepts for brochures and web presence.

Aderco Erscheinungsbild

Establishing brand presence in congress communication

Bayer Phamaceuticals supports each year satellite symposia at international medical congresses on which medical experts discuss treatment benefits of drugs. Together with the medical agency highfield communications/UK, Riva Communications prepares the English announcements and communication materials during the events.

Bayer HealthCare Kongresskommunikation

An individual Online-Shop for individual shoes

Like Levis is the generic jeans brand, so are "Chucks" the timeless classic brand for shoes.
Now everybody can buy Chucks in their favored styling at the web shop Notlikeyou. For the target group Riva Communications has created a tailor-made design.
See how it looks:

Notlikeyou Website

Charity for Charité

The Riva crew also supports valuable projects pro bono - such as the projected health centers of the largest hospital in Berlin, Charité, which are supposed to provide an optimal treatment for children with severe rare diseases and their families.

So far, we've created a key visual together with an info brochure and furthermore, in co-operation with our journalist partner Plankton-Media, a trailer-film has been produced, which also features patient families and responsible doctors.
These communication measures were also part of a charity gala evening at the Marriot Hotel Berlin, at which, in the presence of many celebrities, an art auction and donations took place. For the coming year nationwide activities are also scheduled.

Charité Berlin Info-Broschüre Charité Berlin Trailer-Film

A Go for a new international website of a cardio-vascular medication

With a new appearance on the European market, the brand Pritor/Kinzal communicates to patients and physicians introducing, at the same time, the re-launch campaign of the combination treatment PritorPlus. The website belongs to a revised product branding designed by Riva Communications.

Pritor-Kinzal Website Layout

The Historic Pharma Collection on Show!

In their history of 150 years Bayer and the former Schering from Berlin, have always set milestones in pharmaceutical research through the development of innovative drugs and world-renowned brands. This history is documented at a permanent exhibition in the oldest building at the Berlin site; via installations, photos, scripts and artifacts.
Together, with Bayer Corporate History & Archives and ContextConcept, we developed a brochure giving for the first time a comprehensive overview on the collection and also being part of the sites company presentation.

Historische Pharmasammlung Innenseite Historische Pharmasammlung Stanze

Also relevant for Bayer employees:
Risk does not stop at home time!

Safety at work plays an important role at Bayer and is supported by the annual "Bayer Safety Day," an event which addresses the issue of safety in all relevant company contexts. But safety awareness does not end at the company level; under the slogan "No closing time for risk! Avoid accidents through safe behavior", Riva Communications developed an involved employee campaign lasting several weeks which attempted to raise awareness and to encourage employee participation up to the management level.

Bayer safety Days Poster 4 Quer Bayer safety Days Poster 2 Quer Bayer safety Days Poster 3 Quer Bayer safety Days Poster 5 Quer Bayer safety Days Poster 6 Quer

Clean water in Berlin: no longer a secret for children

Riva Communications wrote a children's book for the Berliner Wasserbetriebe which showed preschool kids how waste water could return as clean water within a a city like Berlin. The nicely illustrated story not only explains in a playful manner how water travels through the sewage system, but also presents the many services of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe. The book will be also key element of a show performed by an actor from German children television in Fall. Follow-up activities are planned for the coming years to attract young families to this topic.

Berliner Wasser Betriebe BWB Kinderbuch Front Berliner Wasser Betriebe BWB Kinderbuch inside

Development of a sleep expert‘s web presence

Caprice Betten Berlin - a store for beds, mattresses and home accessories - asked our agency to redesign their web presence. The goal was to have a stronger focus on Caprice's advising expertise and its inventory of high quality products including a search engine optimization for the website.

Caprice Betten Website

Public health sector consultancy: simple and to the point

With its promise to "recognize potential, seize opportunities, and increase profits," Kock + Voeste has grown into a leading healthcare consulting company. Recent restructuring at Kock + Voeste has required a profile redesign in which its financial and medical services were emphasized. Riva Communications supported this redesign with new informational leaflets.

Kock + Voeste Flyer 1 Kock + Voeste Flyer 2

Market entry of a Swedish storage system manufacturer

Brännehylte, one of the largest manufacturers of storage systems in Sweden, entered a cooperative agreement with the distributer Flötgen in order to gain a foothold in the German market. As part of this endeavor, Riva Communications developed together with PR agency partner c-zwei a launch package that included an image flyer, customer mailings and a German language website.

Braennehylte Broschür Braennehylte Broschür offen

Bayer at "Long Night of Sciences"

Bayer Berlin has been participating in the city's biennial "Long Night of Science" for many years. Riva Communications supported the development and implementation of a communication concept for 2014. The result was a variety of fascinating initiatives that lead to an increased number of visitors to the Bayer site.

Riva Communications wins project to educate children on wastewater treatment

Clean water is an important commodity in the everyday life of every city. But how can wastewater treatment be taught to children at an early age? This is exactly what the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water Works) wants to do in a playful yet instructive manner. Riva Communications was given this challenging task after winning a public bid through its development of a compelling storytelling concept that will also appear as a children's book.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe Logo

Presenting objectives in a different way

Riva Communications developed two creative film trailers for an international Bayer management conference to introduce new budget plans within an impassioned and motivational context. The opening trailer used animations to dramatize the needs and wishes of patients within individualized settings, whereas the closing trailer illustrated important budget figures and the positive impact that expenditures had on patients’ quality of life.

Country Meeting Bayer Film

Creating a sustainable brand presence for AFT Capital

AFT Capital is a new financial services provider that offers private sector investors attractive returns on green technology. Riva Communications developed the brand presence for this futureoriented finance company, including the corporate design for online and offline media, individual product branding and an extensive sales promotion kit for investment opportunities.

AFT Capital Mappe AFT Capital Logo AFT Capital Visitenkarte und Briefpapier

Suitable for all hands: skin protection information kit for the workplace

As part of Bayer Berlin’s employee communication program,, Riva Communications designed informational materials on skin protection products which were distributed to employees at the company’s production site. The package included a handbook as well as skin protection instructions.

Die Riva Neujahrsgeschichte – A New Year's Tale.

Dear business partners and friends,

We at Riva Communications made ourself a nice present for Christmas - we followed the stars to the West.

The Wielandstraße 17 in the Berliner City West is our new harbour. From this location nearby the famous Kurfürstendamm, we are looking forward to start new, exciting chapters in our history together with you.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2014 and see you soon on board of the Riva :)

Your Riva agency crew

Riva - A New Year's Tale

The spine column at the Bayer Health Days in Berlin

"Do something good for me! – Signed, Your Back" – The Occupational Health Management of Bayer Pharma Berlin promoted diverse offers for employees under this headline. In cooperation with the consultancy akakom, Riva Communications planned the communication measures for this event over the previous two months: beginning with the teaser phase, over the announcement phase to the creation of a guidance system during the event. In doing so, a whole range of online and offline media was being utilized - web banner, trailer film, posters, stand-up displays and much more.

Bayer Gesundheitstage 2013 Bayer Gesundheitstage Plakat 2013

A touring exhibition with sustainable impact

The concept of sustainability, which has become extremely popular the context of environmental issues these days, originated in the forestry over 300 years ago. A touring exhibition that will take place in several municipal institutions in Brandenburg treats this idea from the first development to the implementation in today's forestry. The exhibition will be open to the public in the next couple of months. Riva Communications created the concept of the exhibition in cooperation with the PR agency c-zwei, which will continue to support the exhibition with public relations work. Additional informational material is being provided on the website of the Land Office on forestry Brandenburg.

Nachhaltigkeitsausstellung Broschüre Nachhaltigkeitsausstellung Foto Nachhaltigkeitsausstellung Zeitung

Der Achte Sinn / The Safety Sence:
the central theme of occupational safety

At Bayer Berlin, various measures for foresighted behavior and occupational safety are being introduced. Riva Communications supported the internal project team with conceptual endorsement as well as the development of a claim, key visual and further measures. At the same time, design guidelines were set up for the exhibition „100 Years of Workplace Safety“.

SafetyDay SafetyDay Plakat

Health Management Initiative at Bayer –
Riva supports with communication

Bayer Pharma attaches great importance to assisting relatives in need of help and organizing a working environment for associates with implants. Therefore, the group offers its employees information services as well as various events focusing on how to deal with these subjects and how Bayer supports the people concerned. For this initiative, Riva created flyers, posters and templates that will be used in their intranet.

Bayer Elder Care Bayer Elder Care 2

"Berliner Brandstifter"-Gin and associated product presentation film are celebrating their premiere at a Alumni-Event of the University of Arts in Berlin

From marketing-expert to enterpriser: At a get-together for Alumni of the University of Arts in Berlin a graduate presented his new gin brand "Berliner Brandstifter".
The presentation film was exclusively mixed on board of Riva…
>> Click here for the video

A mailing with extension –
press communication for men's health

In the context of an international symposium in Riga/Lithuania Bayer Men's Health Care contrieved a press event under the motto "Sex Timing Matters – Modern therapy for erectile dysfunction". Riva Communications developed an invitation mailing, where the included programme schedule could be extended in the style of a pharmaceutical packaging.

A clear branding at the ECE congress in Copenhagen

For a meeting during a medical congress in Copenhagen, Riva Communciatons adapted the branding of a testosterone treatment on the design of invitation, program and booth.

Convinced at first glance: the image brochure on the energy balance of Berliner Wasserbetriebe (water supply)

The Berliner Wasserbetriebe play a major role in reducing energy consumption by self-sufficiency in the capital city. This fact should be made public, by means of an extensive information brochure. Riva Communications was able to come up with a convincing idea, which reflects the performance of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe though an extraordinary visual and production concept.

Energiebroschüre Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Heading for new shores: Riva becomes training company

From April on, Robin Sabel will start a two year traineeship at Riva Communications to complete his qualification as media designer print/online. He already has some experience in the use of design programs and execution of digital applications. We are happy to welcome Robin on board! More about him you can find in our team section.

A round number –
50th conference of company physicians in Berlin

Riva Communications was assigned to design event posters and accompanying material for a countrywide meeting of company physicians in the pharmaceutical industry.

Six brands – one international congress:
the bayer Riga Symposium

Riva Communications developed a design concept for an international physician’s congress in the Latvian capital city Riga. The congress was supported by six brands of the divisions Men’s HealthCare and Cardiovascular. Aside from the invitation, the agency was responsible for interior decoration and the production of a symposium trailer film.

Bayer safety Days Poster 5 Quer Bayer safety Days Poster 6 Quer

From mono to multi – the change of women's perception since the introduction of the pill
During the past decades, attitudes, concepts of life, working environment and even the contraception needs of women have changed and become more diverse. To illustrate this development to global Marketing teams at the Bayer Women’s Healthcare division, Riva Communications produced a three-minute film dramatizing target group insights on women of today with highly emotional pictures and scenes – highlighted by facts and figures from market research.

Experience competence:
new outfit for the Marketing Club Berlin

To start off new, the Marketing Club Berlin presents a new image flyer that covers a club portrait and ist attractive offers as the network for marketing professionals in the capital; concept and design made by Riva Communications.

Marketing Club Berlin Flyer Marketing Club Berlin Plakat

One more gear in cardiovascular therapy

Pritor from Bayer has been a brand in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases for many years. In the brand’s communication with physicians, Riva Communications was presented with the task of setting focus on the advantages of the combination product PritorPlus. The agencies solution for a campaign key visual: a gearstick emphasizing the special performance of PritorPlus in its fifth gear. Starting 2013, the campaign will be introduced Europe-wide - based on common design guidelines and including ads, brochures, web banner, mailings, an iPad app and through the website of the brand.

Ongoing projects, publications and a winter campaign ...

During the last quarter of the year, Riva Communications has been assigned to develop an European campaign for a Bayer brand in the field of cardiovascular prevention. Furthermore, two internal communication packages for a new cash system and for more efficient communication processes within global marketing teams are on the actual Bayer project list.

In the December issue of the Marketing Club Berlin magazine USP, the "Bayer Gesundheitstage Berlin" - realized with participation of Riva Communications - are presented as an example for successful Employer Branding.
>> to the website

And at last members of the agency team initiated during the cold winter days a Facebook campaign: Under the slogan "What matters freezing?" they created a viral film and made photos with Facebook members to create awareness for the situation of homeless people in the city and options to help. The campaign, accompanied by an exhibition, received great response within the community and from Berlin press.

The Engagement of Bayer Pharma has a new face

Bayer-Pharma has launched a new internet concept about its worldwide social engagement. Patients, helpers from NGOs and other institutions as well as employees of the company agreed to contribute their face and a statement concerning the relevant subject. At the same time, a photojournalist travelled through Africa to report about projects on site. Riva Communications accompanied the relaunch with concept development, copy writing, images and graphics as well as preparing the reports together with the journalist.

>> to the website

Ways out of stress - The Bayer Gesundheitstage

The Bayer Health Management at the Berlin site presented the company’s services that help prevent stress-related hazards at work, to the over 2.000 employees. Riva Communications accompanied this project in cooperation with akakom Berlin - experts for internal communication with an internal campaign including posters, brochures, films, web banners, a control system, a photo wall and other on site activities.

Now on a new course

On July 2nd, 2012 it is time for a change - The former glow GmbH - Agentur für Kommunikation will be setting new course under new name:
Riva Communications GmbH.
Soon we will introduce our new setting on this site - based on a renewed agency concept, which provides always the best team for the individual communication tasks of our clients.